5 de jul. de 2019

Tendência Vintage Festa | Vintage Trends for Parties

Oi, Oi meus amores!!!

Quem me acompanha aqui no blog e nas outras redes sociais sabe que eu amo lojas internacionais, porque além de ter ótimos preços, tem variedades e os produtos são de ótima qualidade :) Então hoje vim apresentar para vocês mais uma dessas lojas maravilhosas que é a Loja Zapaka Eles trabalham com diversos designers de estilos variados que produzem peças de alta qualidade e dessa vez eles estão com uma tendência maravilhosa que é a tendência de moda Vintage. E eu sou apaixonada por esse estilo que pra mim nunca sai de moda e é sempre bem vindo no dia a dia como em outras ocasiões mais importantes. E  com base nisso eu separei algumas peças para mostrar pra vocês: 

 Hi, Hi love. All right?

Who accompanies me here on the blog and other social networks knows that I love international stores, because besides having great prices, has varieties and products are of great quality :) So today I came to present to you another one of those wonderful shops that is the Shop Zapaka. They work with various designers of varied styles that produce high quality pieces and this time they are with a wonderful trend that is the trend of Vintage.
 And I'm passionate about this style that for me never goes out of style and is always welcome on a daily basis as on other important occasions. And based on that I separated some pieces to show you:

1- Vestido Vermelho Liso/Red Straight Dress (Aqui)
2- Vestido Xadrez azul e branco/Blue and white plaid dress (Aqui)
3- Vestido Floral branco/White Floral Dress (Aqui)
4- Vestido Ombro a Ombro Azul Royal/Royal Blue Shoulder to Shoulder Dress (Aqui)
5- Vestido Vintage Rosas vermelhas/Vintage Dress Red Roses (Aqui)
6- Vestido preto clássico/Classic Black Dress (Aqui)

Eu também estou deixando aqui um vídeo com outros modelos que a loja esta em destaque, e eu espero muito que vocês gostem, eu amei cada modelo e cada detalhe de todas as peças 

I'm also leaving here a video with other models that the store is highlighted, and I hope you guys like it, I loved every model and every detail of all the pieces 


Fiquei muito feliz em conhecer essa loja e poder vim aqui mostrar para vocês essas peças maravilhosas, eu espero muito que vocês tenham gostado assim como eu, e não deixem de visitar a loja para ver mais novidades. Um grande abraço :*

I was very happy to meet this store and I came here to show you these wonderful pieces, I hope you liked it as I did, and do not forget to visit the store to see more news. A big hug :* 

9 de set. de 2018

How to take care for malaysian hair

Hi guys, how are you doing?

As you know that the main subject of my posts and videos are about hair, I came today to bring a different tip for you, today I did not come to talk about curly hair, but yes, about hair of different types, such as Malaysian hair.
When it comes to choosing the type of hair when putting on a mega hair for example, one of the most sought after are hairs, indians, japanese, and middle eastern countries (according to some research), however, hairs from Malaysia is with a very high tendency between preferences, and today, and I came to bring a very good article that speaks more about this subject and that also comes with a great tip on how to take care of this type of hair, so come check:

Virgin human hair is becoming more and more popular among black women. And there are many types of human hair on the market. Such as Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair etc. Different people have different preference. From the feedback of DSoar hair customers, Brazilian hair is popular now, perhaps many people will choose Brazilian virgin hair to follow the fashion. Certainly, there are many other people prefer to wear Malaysian hair weave to get different hairstyles. Malaysian human hair has its own advantages, it has an extremely luxurious feel and Malaysian hair bundles can be showed to natural-looking and feel once installed. However, it is important to care for your Malaysian human hair weave. Today I would like to take Malaysian body wave hair weave as an example to discuss how to care for the hair in this article.

1* Washing Malaysian body wave hair:

Before you wash your Malaysian body wave hair weave, you should make sure it is free-flowing and free-tangle. Then add cold water slowly and gradually to moisten the body wave weave. Use good quality shampoo to wash your hair, gently wash vertically in one direction only. Wash your body wave hair weave from the top down while gently working the shampoo into the strands. If your extensions are sewn in, you need to treat them like your own.

2* Conditioning Malaysian body wave hair:

Once hair has been thoroughly rinsed, use a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner. Use wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner. Rinse thoroughly.This method may be used for co-washing. it is also recommended to deep conditioner hair at every 2-3 weeks.

3*Detangling Malaysian body wave hair:

When you detangle your body wave hair to make amazing body wave hairstyles, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb gently. Never start to brush it from the hair roots, it can cause both pain and breakage. The correct method is combing your hair from the ends and work your way up to your roots. Another great way to remove tangles is to use your fingers as opposed to brushes as the tangles often worsen if brushed. A spray detangler can also help remove tangles.

4*Drying Malaysian body wave hair:

To prevent dryness or frizz after wetting or washing, let the body wave weave dry naturally. Do not blow it dry. You can also dry your mink hair vendorswith an ionic hair dryer that has an attached diffuser as it won't damage your hair. If you have to blow it dry, it will be better to put a diffuser on your blow drier. Because Diffusers help to evenly disperse the airflow from the blow drier. But we recommend air drying your hair extensions.

5*Caring for Malaysian hair when sleeping or swimming:

Never sleep with wet hair. Please make sure your Malaysian curly or body wave hair weave is completely dry before you go to sleep. We also suggest you wrap your hair together or gently tie it up to prevent tangling.
Wash your hair immediately after swimming. When the hair is dirt or sweat, hair matters will become uncontrolled. It will be better to always wear a swim cap. Carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up. Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two braids to ensure that all of the hair is protected and tucked neatly under the cap. Following your dip, be sure to wash your hair immediately to remove any damaging chemical that may have snuck under your cap.

So, like the tips today? I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy these valuable tips, one super kiss and until the next :*

** This article was made available by the site RoseHairExtensions