9 de set. de 2018

How to take care for malaysian hair

Hi guys, how are you doing?

As you know that the main subject of my posts and videos are about hair, I came today to bring a different tip for you, today I did not come to talk about curly hair, but yes, about hair of different types, such as Malaysian hair.
When it comes to choosing the type of hair when putting on a mega hair for example, one of the most sought after are hairs, indians, japanese, and middle eastern countries (according to some research), however, hairs from Malaysia is with a very high tendency between preferences, and today, and I came to bring a very good article that speaks more about this subject and that also comes with a great tip on how to take care of this type of hair, so come check:

Virgin human hair is becoming more and more popular among black women. And there are many types of human hair on the market. Such as Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair etc. Different people have different preference. From the feedback of DSoar hair customers, Brazilian hair is popular now, perhaps many people will choose Brazilian virgin hair to follow the fashion. Certainly, there are many other people prefer to wear Malaysian hair weave to get different hairstyles. Malaysian human hair has its own advantages, it has an extremely luxurious feel and Malaysian hair bundles can be showed to natural-looking and feel once installed. However, it is important to care for your Malaysian human hair weave. Today I would like to take Malaysian body wave hair weave as an example to discuss how to care for the hair in this article.

1* Washing Malaysian body wave hair:

Before you wash your Malaysian body wave hair weave, you should make sure it is free-flowing and free-tangle. Then add cold water slowly and gradually to moisten the body wave weave. Use good quality shampoo to wash your hair, gently wash vertically in one direction only. Wash your body wave hair weave from the top down while gently working the shampoo into the strands. If your extensions are sewn in, you need to treat them like your own.

2* Conditioning Malaysian body wave hair:

Once hair has been thoroughly rinsed, use a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner. Use wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner. Rinse thoroughly.This method may be used for co-washing. it is also recommended to deep conditioner hair at every 2-3 weeks.

3*Detangling Malaysian body wave hair:

When you detangle your body wave hair to make amazing body wave hairstyles, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb gently. Never start to brush it from the hair roots, it can cause both pain and breakage. The correct method is combing your hair from the ends and work your way up to your roots. Another great way to remove tangles is to use your fingers as opposed to brushes as the tangles often worsen if brushed. A spray detangler can also help remove tangles.

4*Drying Malaysian body wave hair:

To prevent dryness or frizz after wetting or washing, let the body wave weave dry naturally. Do not blow it dry. You can also dry your mink hair vendorswith an ionic hair dryer that has an attached diffuser as it won't damage your hair. If you have to blow it dry, it will be better to put a diffuser on your blow drier. Because Diffusers help to evenly disperse the airflow from the blow drier. But we recommend air drying your hair extensions.

5*Caring for Malaysian hair when sleeping or swimming:

Never sleep with wet hair. Please make sure your Malaysian curly or body wave hair weave is completely dry before you go to sleep. We also suggest you wrap your hair together or gently tie it up to prevent tangling.
Wash your hair immediately after swimming. When the hair is dirt or sweat, hair matters will become uncontrolled. It will be better to always wear a swim cap. Carefully comb out any tangles that may be present starting from the bottom and working your way up. Once the hair has been detangled braid the hair in two braids to ensure that all of the hair is protected and tucked neatly under the cap. Following your dip, be sure to wash your hair immediately to remove any damaging chemical that may have snuck under your cap.

So, like the tips today? I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy these valuable tips, one super kiss and until the next :*

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25 de jun. de 2018

How to Pick Suitable Yoga Pants

Hi my loves, all right?

Today I came to talk about a very nice issue and of extreme importance for people who practice some type of physical activity, among them, Yoga. As you know, Yoga is an ancient art practiced for many years and that brings many benefits to our body and mind. But one thing that we do not pay much attention to is the issue of the right clothes and how to use it in the practice of Yoga, so today I came to talk a little more about it for you.

So, let's understand a bit more about Yoga:

Yoga is a body and mind workout with roots in ancient Indian philosophy. This discipline involves physical exercise coupling physical poses, breathing methods and meditation to support enhanced control of mind and body while improving well-being. To own these benefits, you need to find suitable yoga pants which enable a lot of moves and helps to concentrate on your poses.

They are a lot of options these days for yoga clothes as they are catering to a vast number of people who are into yoga. So choosing fitting yoga pants can be a bit challenging. First, you need to find those which looks good and makes you feel comfortable. Furthermore, the pants should be flattering to your style and personality. Ill-fitting ones can distract you and mess up the routine.  So how can we avoid this?  

Finding the Right Fit

Getting the perfect clothing for your yoga practice is a prerequisite for practicing yoga. Following are the tips you need to follow to get the perfect one for you.

1.    Comfortable Fit – The different types now seen in the market are loose, harem, legging, capris and drawstring. You can choose from any of these styles based on your preference. But then, pick those that are convenient for you and makes you feel assured. You need to be free from distractions. This happens if the yoga pants are too tight or too loose or too unbreathable.

2.    Stretch – When looking for yoga pants, watch for those made of stretch pants. Stretchy material ensures a broad range of movement. They can either be a 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch. 2-way stretch can expand in one direction whereas 4-way stretch, can expand horizontally and vertically. 

3.    Compression in the right places – Compressions means how the design holds you in. Compression clothing with a snug fit can provide extra support and stability which can lower muscle strain while speeding up the recovery time. This type of clothing works because compression clothes can pressure your blood vessels via the tight fit to promote circulation. On the other hand, too much compression can cause constriction and ache.

4.    Waist – Yoga pants can be low rise, mid waist and high waist options. Mid and high waist ones can celebrate curves and give a pleasing contour. Low rise fit, on the other hand, is fancied by small frame types.

5.    Pant lengths – The main kinds concerning length are full-length, mid-calf and shorts. Mid-calf and shorts are proper for warm days and hot yoga classes taken in heated studios. When picking long length ones, do not choose those bunching up on the ground or you might find yourself hopping on the pants.

6.    Ideal fabric – Fabric is also an important consideration. Some of the best ones are

I.    Cotton stretch – Cotton, the natural fabric is excellent for moderate temperatures. As cotton is light and pleasant, the cloth will absorb moisture.

II.    Technical Fabric – These involve fabrics like Lycra and Supplex. These are found to have more breathable and moisture-wicking properties as they help to vent your moisture faster and makes the pants faster to dry. Moisture-wicking fabric is excellent for those classes that involve a high level of moments and for hot yoga sessions. Fabrics with polyester blend can bring moisture out to the outer surface of the material to keep you waterproof and suitable and hence perfect.

III.    Eco-friendly products – Eco-friendly yoga pants are produced from materials such as plastic bottles or organic sources. Bamboo, organic cotton, hemp are the hot options.

Take into consideration the above tips so you can stay stylish in your yoga clothes while being comfortable.

So did you like the tip today? I really hope you liked it and it helped in some way, a big kiss <3

**This article was made available by Check Pregnancy website

12 de jun. de 2018

wishlist loja zaful #2

Oi amores, tudo certo?

Hoje vim fazer mais uma Wishlist de uma das minhas lojas gringas favoritas, a loja Zaful. E hoje com um motivo muito especial e com muitas novidades para vocês, pois a loja esta comemorando o seu Zaful 4º Aniversário e está com muitas promoções.
E aproveitando que aqui no Brasil estamos no clima de dia dos namorados, eu trouxe algumas peças da loja de vestidos bem fofos e lindos para esta ocasião. Vamos conferir:

Hi loves, everything alright?

Today I came to make another Wishlist from one of my favorite American stores, the Zaful store. And today with a very special reason and with many new things for you, because the store is celebrating its Zaful 4th Anniversary and is with many promotions.
And taking advantage of the fact that here in Brazil we are in the mood of Valentine's Day, I brought some pieces of the shop of very cute and beautiful dresses for this occasion. Let's check:

*Vestido azul listrado: Link Aqui
*Vestido Estampado marrom: Link Aqui
*Vestido com estampa de folhas: Link Aqui

Eu fiquei apaixonada com esses modelos, para ir ao cinema, fazer um passeio no parque, achei muito fofo para sair com o seu amor nesse dia. E não acaba por aqui, como a loja está fazendo aniversário e toda a loja esta em promoção, eles disponibilizaram alguns cupons de desconto para eu compartilhar aqui com vocês ( eu simplesmente amo usar cupons de desconto) além de aproveitar as promoções você ainda tem um desconto a mais, é tudo que  amamos. Ah, e lembrando que todos os cupons estão com disponíveis por tempo limitado e cada código deve ser usado apenas uma vez esta bem? então corre para aproveitar:

I was in love with these models, to go to the movies, take a walk in the park, I found it very cute to go out with your love that day. And it does not end here, as the store is doing birthday and the whole store is on sale, they have made available some discount coupons for me to share here with you (I just love to use discount coupons) besides taking advantage of the promotions you still have one A discount, that's all we love. Oh, and remembering that all coupons are available for a limited time and each code should be used only once this okay? then run to enjoy:

Use o código "ZFSally" Todas as ordens usar o código, mais de US $ 100 save $ 12 (1 tempo limitado)
Use o código "ZFSally" Todas as ordens usar o código, mais de US $ 50 save $ 6 (1 tempo limitado)
Use o código "ZFSally" Todas as ordens usar o código, mais de US $ 25 save $ 3 (1 tempo limitado)   

E por hoje é só meus amores, eu espero que vocês tenham gostado e que aproveite as promoções, um grande beijo ;*

And for today it's just my love, I hope you enjoyed it and enjoy the promotions, a big kiss ;*

25 de abr. de 2018


Oii meus amore, tudo bem??

Quanto tempo hein!? rs, mas enfim, hoje eu vim aqui trazer uma super novidade pra vocês, principalmente para as pessoas que costumam fazer compras online e é claro para quem gosta de descontos e dar aquela economizada né? Eu adoro, e hoje quero apresentar para vocês o site Cupom Válido que é um site especifico em cupons de desconto e que trabalha com diversas lojas ajudando o comprador a dar sempre uma economizada no final da sua compra.

Aqui está algumas das principais lojas que está em destaque no site (a lista completa das lojas está lá no site e vocês podem conferir =D )

Agora vou explicar como é bem fácil de usar o site. Basta entrar no site e ir na caixa de pesquisa e digitar a loja que você esta fazendo a sua compra e quer obter o desconto. ( é importante verificar se a loja que você procura está cadastrada no site, então dá uma verificada na lista certo?)

Para dar um exemplo eu escolhi a loja Centauro (confira Aqui) e logo abaixo mostra a lista de vários cupons de descontos para a loja, (que podem ser vistos nesta página Aqui) para obter o cupom basta você clicar na aba CLIQUE PARA VER CUPOM

Depois vai aparecer essa janela onde  é só copiar o código e colar no site na hora de finalizar a sua compra =)

Super fácil né? Eu espero que vocês tenham gostado porque dica boa a gente compartilha não é mesmo? então aproveitem meus amores e boas compras =*

Um grande beijo !!

3 de mar. de 2018

Vestidos De Festas | Loja PromShopau

Oi meus amores,

Hoje vim aqui falar sobre uma loja da China maravilhosa que conheci recentemente e que é uma loja especializada em vestidos de festa. A loja www.promshopau.com/ tem diversas variedades de vestidos para noiva, madrinha, damas de honra, vestidos de formaturas e tem uma infinidades de modelos (um mais lindo que o outro), e o melhor de tudo é a variedade e um ótimo preço.

Eu adoro escolher vestidos de festa, ( e eu que já estou inspirada para escolher o meu vestido de formatura rsrs), então pensando nisso, hoje vim mostrar alguns modelos que eu escolhi especialmente para vocês dos vestidos  Plus Size Mães e Vestidos de Noiva e Dama de Honra Vestidos flowy onde você encontra  para todos os tamanhos, tecidos, e cores para diversas ocasiões e ambientes. 

O primeiro modelo de vestido é esse com a cor rosé, que além de achar  super lindo, ele tem um caimento super delicado. E o segundo vestido com o modelo de Sereia deu todo toque especial, além de ser super Chic.

O terceiro modelo foi esse vestido vermelho também com o modelo de sereia, super lindo. E o tom de rosa claro de um ombro só, super meigo e delicado.

E ai, vocês gostaram? Eu simplesmente amei e queria poder trazer a loja toda para mostrar para vocês aqui =) Cada modelo tem seu estilo, sua delicadeza e seu toque especial para todos os gostos e todas as ocasiões de festa, seja durante o dia, a tarde ou a noite. Os modelos são lindos e fica cada vez mais difícil escolher. Eu super recomendo a loja e tenho certeza que vocês também vão se apaixonar e o pagamento pode ser feito através do cartão de crédito de forma segura. Mais informações visitem o site PromShopau

Um super beijo a todos e até a próxima !!! xoxo

* Este post é um publieditorial.

12 de jan. de 2018

Wishlist Loja Zaful

Oi gente!!

Hoje vim trazer mais uma Wishlist para vocês de mais uma loja maravilhosa, e dessa vez vim falar sobre a loja Zaful. A Zaful é uma loja onde você encontra lindas roupas e com ótimos preços, sem falar que, eles estão com uma ótima promoção do dia dos namorados e você pode conferir aqui: Valentine's Day activities , Valentines Day Deals e Zaful Valentines Day Sale . E trouxe hoje uma wishlist com duas ideias de vestidos para usar nesse dia tão romântico, 3 opções de vestidos no estilo romântico e 3 com estilo mais sensual, vem conferir:

 Hi people!!

Today I came to bring another Wishlist to you from another wonderful store, and this time I came to talk about the store Zaful. Zaful is a store where you find great clothes and great prices, not to mention that they have a great promotion of Valentine's Day and you can check here: Valentine's Day activities, Valentines Day Deals and Zaful Valentines Day Sale. And today brought a wishlist with two ideas of dress to wear on this day so romantic, 3 options of dresses in the romantic style and 3 with more sensual style, come check:

Estilo Romântico:
Romantic style:

                       Vestido Rosa Floral  |   Vestido Azul Claro  |  Vestido Branco Floral

Estilo Sensual;
Sexy style:

                                          Vestido Preto  |   Vestido Vermelho  |  Vestido Azul

E ai, gostaram? eu amei escolher esses vestidos e com certeza eu usaria todos. Me conta aqui o que vocês acharam, um grande beijo !!

 What do you like? I loved choosing these dresses and I sure would wear all. Tell me what you found here, a big kiss !!