25 de jun. de 2018

How to Pick Suitable Yoga Pants

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Today I came to talk about a very nice issue and of extreme importance for people who practice some type of physical activity, among them, Yoga. As you know, Yoga is an ancient art practiced for many years and that brings many benefits to our body and mind. But one thing that we do not pay much attention to is the issue of the right clothes and how to use it in the practice of Yoga, so today I came to talk a little more about it for you.

So, let's understand a bit more about Yoga:

Yoga is a body and mind workout with roots in ancient Indian philosophy. This discipline involves physical exercise coupling physical poses, breathing methods and meditation to support enhanced control of mind and body while improving well-being. To own these benefits, you need to find suitable yoga pants which enable a lot of moves and helps to concentrate on your poses.

They are a lot of options these days for yoga clothes as they are catering to a vast number of people who are into yoga. So choosing fitting yoga pants can be a bit challenging. First, you need to find those which looks good and makes you feel comfortable. Furthermore, the pants should be flattering to your style and personality. Ill-fitting ones can distract you and mess up the routine.  So how can we avoid this?  

Finding the Right Fit

Getting the perfect clothing for your yoga practice is a prerequisite for practicing yoga. Following are the tips you need to follow to get the perfect one for you.

1.    Comfortable Fit – The different types now seen in the market are loose, harem, legging, capris and drawstring. You can choose from any of these styles based on your preference. But then, pick those that are convenient for you and makes you feel assured. You need to be free from distractions. This happens if the yoga pants are too tight or too loose or too unbreathable.

2.    Stretch – When looking for yoga pants, watch for those made of stretch pants. Stretchy material ensures a broad range of movement. They can either be a 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch. 2-way stretch can expand in one direction whereas 4-way stretch, can expand horizontally and vertically. 

3.    Compression in the right places – Compressions means how the design holds you in. Compression clothing with a snug fit can provide extra support and stability which can lower muscle strain while speeding up the recovery time. This type of clothing works because compression clothes can pressure your blood vessels via the tight fit to promote circulation. On the other hand, too much compression can cause constriction and ache.

4.    Waist – Yoga pants can be low rise, mid waist and high waist options. Mid and high waist ones can celebrate curves and give a pleasing contour. Low rise fit, on the other hand, is fancied by small frame types.

5.    Pant lengths – The main kinds concerning length are full-length, mid-calf and shorts. Mid-calf and shorts are proper for warm days and hot yoga classes taken in heated studios. When picking long length ones, do not choose those bunching up on the ground or you might find yourself hopping on the pants.

6.    Ideal fabric – Fabric is also an important consideration. Some of the best ones are

I.    Cotton stretch – Cotton, the natural fabric is excellent for moderate temperatures. As cotton is light and pleasant, the cloth will absorb moisture.

II.    Technical Fabric – These involve fabrics like Lycra and Supplex. These are found to have more breathable and moisture-wicking properties as they help to vent your moisture faster and makes the pants faster to dry. Moisture-wicking fabric is excellent for those classes that involve a high level of moments and for hot yoga sessions. Fabrics with polyester blend can bring moisture out to the outer surface of the material to keep you waterproof and suitable and hence perfect.

III.    Eco-friendly products – Eco-friendly yoga pants are produced from materials such as plastic bottles or organic sources. Bamboo, organic cotton, hemp are the hot options.

Take into consideration the above tips so you can stay stylish in your yoga clothes while being comfortable.

So did you like the tip today? I really hope you liked it and it helped in some way, a big kiss <3

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